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2019年06月25日 Content Update
Wrote and posted poetry celebrating Neon Genesis Evangelion's return to North America. The Japanese version is likely rather poorly done, and may change in the future. Edits will not be listed in this updates section.
2019年04月23日 Content and Maintenance Update
Wrote translation notes for Utada Hikaru's "Chikai." Updated the CSS styles for the website to display English and Japanese text differently.
2019年03月21日 Content Update
Wrote and posted a new article entitled "What's in a Song? Kingdom Hearts Themes Explored." I will continue to do a small amount of copyediting to this article over time, and future edits (unless they are significant) will not be listed in this updates section.
2019年02月21日 Content and Maintenance Update
Changed palette of website to inverted colors ("night mode"). Made top page navigation prettier using floats and a background image. Created the blog section of the website, posted the first article, and created an RSS feed.
2019年02月18日 Content and Maintenance Update
Created landing pages for Japanese Translations and Blog and Writing sections. Linked various previously created content in both sections. Added two new songs to the song translations section in Japanese Translations. Tidied up the CSS for the main site header and inserted header in sections that lacked top page navigation.
2019年01月27日 Content and Maintenance Update
Created about page. Updated core CSS stylesheet. Added very basic navigation to root index landing page and HTML History Lessons landing page.
2019年01月25日 Content Update
Created Lesson 5 in HTML Hisory Lessons. Created updates page.
2019年01月23日 Content Update
Created Lesson 4 in HTML Hisory Lessons. Cleaned up some language on root index landing page.
2019年01月14日 Content Update
Created Lesson 3 in HTML Hisory Lessons. Made small landing page for HTML Lessons.
2019年01月12日 Content Update
Made small landing page at root index. Created Lesson 2 in HTML Hisory Lessons. Linked Japanese Lesson Sample (PDF) from root index landing page.
2019年01月03日 Created Site
Found a home here on neocities. Uploaded Lesson 1 in HTML Hisory Lessons.