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Don't expect it to update frequently, but I've started a small weblog here on Neocities. You can even subscribe to it using RSS if you want! (Does anyone besides me still use RSS readers?)


Every so often I decide to rant about something I love. Fresh from my keystrokes to your screen, feel free to waste some time learning what I think about everything from soup to nuts.

Fandom Musings

Congratulations: Evangelion Haiku
Ever unceasing
Summer colored melody
The cicadas cry
What's in a Song? Kingdom Hearts Themes Explored
[E]verything I've said so far relates to a love story, which Kingdom Hearts is most assuredly not. Sure, [the first game] opens with the protagonist wanting to give a girl a mystical fruit which will intwine their destinies for all eternity. … However, this plot point is all but missing [in future installments]. … [T]he songs, expressly written for these games, don't have a lot to do with the content of their respective stories. … It's possible that all three songs were at least partly finished way back when the series was first being conceptualized.
A Kairi Cosplayer's Lament: No Girl Power in Kingdom Hearts III
Kairi, I know that you don’t have to be the center of attention to have a good time. Sometimes just being with your friends makes a journey worthwhile, even if you don’t do much more than be present in the moment. But when the fate of the worlds is at stake and you’ve been working hard to be useful in battle, sometimes you’ve got to take initiative! This was supposed to be your moment to shine! Seize your moment!