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A Log Which is on the Web, in Other Words, a Blog

Dear Diary

If the Korean stationary inspired header didn't tip you off, this is a personal journal stored on the Internet. It may occasionaly be interesting, entertaining, or informative. I make no promises, however.

Recent Entries
Writing as a Job
  — 2020/01/27
Back on Twitter
  — 2019/04/23
Calculus, Illness, and Insomnia
  — 2019/03/19
Four Months of Textbooks
  — 2019/03/04
Old Web Audio Practices
  — 2019/02/27
Dipping My Toe Into RSS
  — 2019/02/21
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Need more of me in your life in 280 characters or less? I'm also on Twitter. I just started back on the service in April 2019, so let's see if I do a good job of keeping up with it. Fingers crossed!