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A Log Which is on the Web, in Other Words, a Blog

Dear Diary

If the Korean stationary inspired header didn't tip you off, this is a personal journal stored on the Internet. It may occasionaly be interesting, entertaining, or informative. I make no promises, however.

Recent Entries
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  — 2020/01/27
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  — 2019/04/23
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  — 2019/03/19
Four Months of Textbooks
  — 2019/03/04
Old Web Audio Practices
  — 2019/02/27
Dipping My Toe Into RSS
  — 2019/02/21

Need more of me in your life in 280 characters or less? I'm also on Twitter. It's mostly staring into the void of the pandemic with some occasional political retweets at this point, so uh. Be warned.