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Back on Twitter

Date: 24 April 2019; Mood: Cautious

I have a habit of using Twitter for approximately three months out of every fifth year before disappearing once again into the primordial ooze of the Internet, only to re-emerge after deciding I want to send one (1) person a direct message. This time one of my dearest friends, concerned that I am making no money currently, prodded me into it after I designed a website template for the light novel they're writing. There are apparently job opportunities to be found, if only one can be reached digitally. Email is no good. No one (except me?) under 50 uses email anymore. It's all about the DMs, baby.

I am trying to wean myself off of the ethically corrupt monster that is Facebook, but my plan was to just… stop using social media all together. I have a mailing list that is open to close friends and relatives (to which only about five people are subscribed, not for lack of advertising), and this blog uses RSS, which I had hoped to rope non-email-users into utilizing. Unfortunately, if email is a dead medium for most people, RSS is a non-starter. I asked a friend what they thought of RSS as a medium, and they responded, "You mean that thing where you click on the button and a bunch of code just appears on your screen? Are you supposed to be able to do something useful with that?" Did the major browsers remove RSS reading as a capability? Did they never have it to begin with? Was I living in a fever dream in 2007? I know Google Feeds is dead. Google kills off all of its unprofitable children, after all. I did not know that nothing had been created to take its place. (If you're reading this and are interested in using RSS, Feedly on mobile and in-browser is great.)

Well, whatever. I'm back on Twitter now. Find me at @makzTalks for the time being. When I used to use Twitter before, my feed was about half personal posts and half geek/music related posts. Sometimes I managed to cross the streams between all three of those topics! I'll see you on the social side, I guess!